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installation of wsp without easifit

If you have just bought or had a Wattson Solar Plus bought for you, a quick start installation guide is included inside the box to guide you through the installation process. This section is designed to help you understand where to place the sensor clips and get your Wattson up and running.

If you have a Wattson Classic, or are using a Wattson for measuring usage only (not to measure generated energy) please follow the installation guidelines here.

To read your usage as well as your generation, Wattson needs to be able to measure electricity from your electricity supply and electricity being exported.

Henley Block install

Used electricity

Step 1 Identify the SINGLE-cored (live or neutral) load circuit(s)/electricity supply wire(s).

Step 2 Place the sensor clip around wire of load circuit, one for each phase to be measured.

Step 3 Plug the sensor clip(s) into any of the sockets marked 1-3 on transmitter.

Generated electricity

Step 1 Identify SINGLE-cored (live or neutral) generation output.

Step 2 Place sensor clip around wire of generation circuit.

Step 3 Plug sensor clip into socket marked solar socket logo

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