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2 extra clips for a 3 phase electricity meter will be necessary.

Why use holmes?

There are lots of benefits to using wattson and I to help you save energy and up to 20% on your annual electricity bill. Just take a look at all these features:

Simple operation

• I’m easy to install on both PC and Mac computers.
• You don’t need a CD-ROM to get me on your computer – I come as a download me.
• I take just a few minutes to set up.

Versatile use

• I don’t just show energy use in watts – I can tell you how much you’ve spent and when.
• I also show your electricity usage in carbon tonnes.
• I can store all your energy use data for days, weeks, months and even years.
• I enable you to upload, share and compare your data with others in an online community1.

You can see how useful I am, so why not find out how I work?

1 Online community is a future feature.